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Training For Managers and Supervisors

As Supervisors and Managers working for the State of North Carolina, we are expected to lead our employees and our teams toward optimum performance.  Many of the skills we need to accomplish this task can be learned and you have access to many of these programs!  The Talent Management Division offers multiple courses to aide in your growth and development as a Supervisor and Manager.

We encourage you to review this information and identify which courses will provide some guidance, practice and experience for the varied situations you encounter in your role.  Often these course compliment existing courses your agency or university offers.  Please remember to make sure to discuss your training plan with your manager as well as your training director to ensure you are aware of every learning and development opportunity that could help make you successful.

Mandatory Training

Please be aware that this list of mandated training programs may not reflect training required by all occupations, jobs, positions, agencies or universities. This list reflects general mandated training requirements that affect all state agencies and universities, based on statutes and state policies. The availability of the courses listed below are through the Office of State Human Resources. However, your agency may have in-house training available to you that satisfies the requirements. Please check with your agency's training department.

If you are required to attend training, or if your agency or university requires training that is not on this list, it does not mean the training is unimportant or unnecessary. It may be training specific to the agency’s or university’s needs.

This is a guide to help agencies and universities determine if their employees are receiving the training required by statutes and state policies.

Please keep in mind that this may not be an inclusive list.

Course Mandate Availability

Aids in the Workplace

State Policy:
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the Workplace
Section 8, Pages 1-2 6/92

Pertains to: Managers, Supervisors & Employees

Offered By OSP

Bloodborne Pathogens

Federal Law:
Occupational Safety and Health Standards
29 CFR 1910.1030(g)(2)(i) – 1910.103(g)(2)(ix)(C)

Pertains to: All employees with occupational exposure

Equal Employment
Opportunity Institute

State Law:
Equal Employment Opportunity Training
Chapter 126.16.1
Chapter 416, House Bill 959 7/1/91 and 25 NCAC. 01L .0302

State Policy:
Equal Employment Opportunity Institute
Section 1, Page 5 7/1/91

Pertains to: Managers and Supervisors

Equal Employment

State Policy:
Equal Employment Opportunity Program and Plan
Section 1, Page 10 9/1/2008

Pertains to: All employees; including: EEO Officers,
EEO Committee Members, EEO Plan Developers and
Program Administrators, Agency Heads, Chancellors, Managers, Supervisors, and all other employees.

Many Courses Are Offered By OSHR that fit into this catagory


State Law:
Open and Fair Competition GS 126-14.3

State Policy:
Workforce Planning, REcruitment and Selection
Section2: Recruitment and Posting of Vacancies, Page 3, 4/1/2008

Pertains to Managers, Supervisors and Personnel Professionals involved in the Recruitment and Selection Process.

Unlawful Workplace

State Policy:
Unlawful Workplace Harassment
Section 1, Page 21 8/17/2000

Pertains to: Managers, Supervisors & Employees


Federal Law:
The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
29CFR 1910.38(a)(5)(I) and (ii) (a) through (c) and (iii); 1910.38(b)(4)(I)
and (ii); 19190.157(g)(1)(2) and (4)

State Law:
State Employees Workplace Requirements Program for Safety and Health
Chapter 143, Article 63
143-581 and 143-582
Occupational Safety and Health Act of NC
95-147 – Training and Employee Education

State Policy:
State Employees Workplace Requirements Programs for Safety and Health
Section 8, Page 12, Page 13, Page 15 4/1/06

Pertains to: Managers, Supervisors & Employees


State Policy:
Workplace Violence
Section 8, Pages 33 - 34 8/1/2008

Pertains to: Managers, Supervisors & Employees

Offered by OSHR

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