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Safety for NC State Employees

This site has been created to provide North Carolina State Employees a central safety information and service portal intended to offer safety information; connections to resources; connections to our safety partners; announcements, advisements, and training opportunities related to safety.

The safety of all of us is so important to the vitality and productivity of our state. When we are striving to work as safe as we can every day, everyone benefits. We hope that this site will be an enjoyable and helpful resource for you, your family and work colleagues to help build a culture of safety within your own circle of influence.

2015 Hazard Hunt Contest Winners

Congratulations to the dozens of winners from across the various state agencies who successfully found and reported unsafe conditions! All state employees are encouraged to continue to be Hazard Heroes and find and report workplace hazards.



Department of Administration

Pam Cashwell
Carolyn Chilton
Greg Dunn
Amy Ferrell
Jonathon Gillikin
Christine Midgette
Susan Pait
Johnna Stephenson
Barbara Williams
Sonya Zell

Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services

Terry L. Bell
Terri Butler
Reagan Converse
Dawn K. Davis
Chris Gladden
Teresa Grant
Les Hunter
Brenda Jackson
Jeffrey Lynch
Kristina Mabe
Ron Myers
Steven Pleasants
Jeffery Smith
Carrie Sticklin
John Sugg
Commissioner Troxler
Trisha Tucker

Department of Commerce

Angela Bass
Ron Brown
Nathan Coppley
Ted Enarson
Lynn Floyd
Janie Harrell
Bliss Kite
Wayne Medlin
Heidi Neunkirchner
Gretchen Parker
Sandra Parkerkeck

Department of Cultural Resources

Jim Frederickson
David Reid

Department of Environment and
Natural Resources

John Amoroso
Ron Anundson
Robin Barrows
Connie Brower
Brent Burch
Susan Cheek
Wesley Cook
Karen Creech
Adrienne Eikinas
Tonya Fields
Heather Goldman
Larry Goodwin
Toby Hall
Jennifer Haynie
Edith Henderson
Melody Isaak
Becky Jefferys
Chris Johnson
Mary H. Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Sarah Lindh
Steve Livingstone
Ellen Lorscheider
David Lown
Melodie Lynch
Jeff Manning
Tammy Manning
Tom Mather
William R. McElveen
John Osbourne
Rita Richardson
Seth Robertson
Greg Schneider
Karla Sheehan
Brian Strong
Jan Trask
Ann Waddle

Department of Health
and Human Services

Louis Allen
Miranda Bennett
Nicole Blacknall
Peter Currin
Nancy Deal
Melvin Carlton Downey
Bruce Elder
John Felts
Donnie Gainey
Ritchie Garland
Shawn Gross
Betty Huff
Deborah Johnson
Kevin Lavin
Jacqueline Leslie
Virginia Maison
Bob Mull
Margaret Myers
Kristy Osterhout
Susan Pitts
Joanne Rutkofske
Karen Sanderson
Phyllis Saunders
Kathy Sommese
Sara Thick
Sandra Weathers
Nelson Wetmore
Rene Wilbur

Department of Insurance

Ashby Spratley
Justin Vargas

Department of Justice

Neal Dalton
Frederick C. Darrah
Amar Majmundar
Olga Vysotskaya

Department of Public Instruction

Chris Droessler
Felicia Gray-Watson
Linda Lowe
Brandon Patterson
Deborah Prickett
Amy Shoop
Joe Simmons
Laura Winter

Department of Public Safety

Maryann Bowles
Leigh Byers
Sgt. Philip Capucille
David Carter, Chief CC
Officer Richard Davis
Charlene Knecht
Kory J. Dalrymple
Michael Mitchell
Michael Victor Patterson
Linda Pierce
Deborah L Talbert

Department of Revenue

Angela Altice
Gina Bell
Regina Berry
Jo Anne Bradley
Denay Haire
Margaret Plummer
Terry Rogers
Lara Rose
Deborah Smith
Rickey Smith

Department of State Treasurer

Valecia Williams-Burton
Sharon Braswell

Department of Transportation

Leslie Bordeaux
Barbara Christy
Mitch Cook
Roy Dean Jr.
Tracey Dorsey
Melissa Flores
Pamela Gilyard
Pam Guptill
Holly Guess
Brook Heyel
Joe Justice
Srinivasarao Kandimalla
Brendan Lehan
Patricia Meyer
Sam Morgan
Stephanie Mouzon
V. Hope Mozingo
Willie Joyce Partin
Kim Pierce
Elizabeth Privette
Thomas M. Robertson
Paul Robinson
Darlene Satifka
Deanna Sevits
Warren Smith
Bryan Sowell
Clifton Thomas
David J. White

NC Community College System

Larry Butts
Jennifer Frazelle
Frank Scuiletti
Donald Williams

NC Wildlife Resources

Steve Chase

Office of the Courts

J. Renee' Brooks
Iris Derrick
Emily English
Kathleen Foreman
Hon. Susan A. Hicks
Kent Matzinger
Donna McCary
Pam Minshew

Office of the Governor

Lisa Frazier
Governor Pat McCrory

Office of State Budget

Nathan Knuffman
Jennifer Song

Office of State Human Resources

Carol Battle
Travis Davis
Brenda E. Dixon
Katherine Hilliard
Linda Jefferson
Paula Kukulinski
Cynthia Leeks
Janice McIntyre
Kathi Parker
David Pierce
David Prickett
Ray Scerri
Vanessa Wells