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Free Resources - Additional Sources of Learning

If you have questions about these links you can Email your question to and I will try to answer your questions when time permits. In your email, identify the class you took at the State Learning & Development Center and your instructor.

Below are suggested resources we offer to you as additional information relating to our courses. These resources are not meant to be a substitute for actual classroom learning, but we feel they make wonderful supplemental sources of information.

Adobe Studio Products Graphics

Adobe Spry Demo
Color with CSS:
Color by Value or Hue (
Adobe TV: Dreamweaver
Dreamweaver: Free Video Clips
Dreamweaver Pop-Up Menus: Good or Evil?
Dreamweaver Updaters
Email Addresses: How do Spammers Harvest Them?
Difference Between a Slice & a Hotspot
Flash Player - Download from
Font Sizes: Points vs. Pixels
FREE Tutorials (QuickTime movies)
Lorem Ipsum - Filler Text for Layout
Adobe Online Forums (discussion groups)
Flexible Tables for Page Layout
Using Templates and Snippets
Dreamweaver & Fireworks Tutorials
W3C: XHTML Validator
W3C: CSS Validator
Adobe TV: Flash
Adobe TV: Fireworks

Flash Links

Flash tutorials
Drawing Modes article
Bones video
Basic Animation video
Basic Drawing video
Cartoon Drawing video


Acrobat Users Group
Adobe Design Center
AdobeTV: Acrobat
Choosing Good Passwords 2
Adobe Acrobat Product Comparisons
Acrobat Tips from

Acrobat: PlanetPDF
More Acrobat Tutorials
Acrobat: What is Imposition?
Acrobat: Creating Forms Tutorial
Acrobat: Creating Fillable Forms
Acrobat: Chapters from Classroom in a Book
Acrobat: PDF Tips
Acrobat: Reduce PDF File Size 2
Acrobat: PDFZone
Adobe TV: Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Free Clipart? Read the Terms of Usage (An article)
Creative Commons (Copyright Terms)
Free Photos - MorgueFile (free use)
PDPhoto (Royalty Free, Public Domain - read page)
FotoSearch: Stock Photography
Free Buttons
Free Buttons for Rollovers
Free Clipart (
Free Icons (Leo's Archive)
Free Photos (free non-commercial, off line use)
Free Stock Photos (non-commercial use only - read terms)
Free Photos - "Image After"
.PSD Photoshop (online Photoshop Magazine)
Web Shots Gallery
Production Graphics

Grammar & Business Writing Internet

Action Verbs for Business Writing
American Heritage Dictionary
American Heritage Book of English Usage
Business, Employment, Job Letters
Comma Guidelines
Concise Writing Tips
Conquering Confusing Words
Confusing Words: Notorious Confusables
Forms of Address
Grammar, Words, & Usage
Guide to Grammar & Writing Index
Identifying Incorrect Sentences
Interactive Quizzes
Lie vs. Lay - Quiz
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
OWL - Original Site
Possessive Nouns - Rules
References, Recommendations...
Resume Tips from MIT
Resume Writing from Rensselaer
Resume Don'ts
Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz
Thesaurus - Yahoo!
Tongue Untied: Clarity
Tongue Untied: Possessive Nouns

Browser Stats
Email: How Does It Work?
Email: Spamming/Junk Mail
Email Guide
Email: Google GMail - Initial Analysis
ISP Guide - Looking for an ISP?
Meta-Search Tool: DogPile
Meta-Search Tool:
NASA - FTP - Photo Gallery
National Geographic
Network Access Points (NAPs)
Practical Internet Applications
Protect Your Identity
Research Service from Microsoft
Search Engines: How They Work
Search Engines: AltaVista
Search Engines:
Search Engines: Google
Search Engines: Yahoo!
Search Engine Watch - Email Hoaxes
Spyware Targets Children
Spyware vs. Adware: Differences
Spyware: What is it?
Spyware: What is it? (from a-squared)
Tech Support Guy
WebWatch - Consumer Reports - Internet Dictionary

Microsoft Office Products Web Design

About Microsoft Office
Microsoft Free Tutorials

Microsoft Online Training

2007 Office System User Interface Guides

Microsoft Pricing for Products
Utter Access Discussion Forums
Access Help: MSDN Home
The Access Web: Help for Developers
Database Solutions for Access

Excel 2003: Free Tutorials
Excel Tips
Free Microsoft Tutorials

Outlook 2003: Email Organization Tips
PowerPoint 2003: Free Tutorials
PowerPoint: Beyond Bullets
PowerPoint Do's & Don'ts
PowerPoint FAQs
PowerPoint: Tutorials, Templates, Tips, Etc.
PowerPoint Tips by Ellen Finklestein
PowerPoint: Converting Presentations to DVD
PowerPoint: Converting Presentations to Video Files
PowerPoint 2007: Starter's Guide
Presentation Checklist

Publisher 2003: Free Tutorials

Test Yourself: Office Quizzes

Visio 2003: Free Tutorials

Word 2003: Free Tutorials
Word: Tutorial-Adding Shortcuts
Word: Conditional Headers & Footers
Word: Fill-in-the-Blank Form Template
Word: Formatting Fields
Word: Formatting Merge Fields
Word: How to Restore Menus/Toolbars
Word: Mail Merge Primer
Word: Merging from Outlook
Word MVP Site
Word: Page Numbering for Different Sections
Word: Restart Numbering
Word: Web Resources of Info
Useful Office Shortcut Keys (xls file)

10 Traffic Builders for Your Site
Color Picker
Color by Value or Hue (
The Power of Colors
Color with CSS:
CSS: CSS3 Preview
CSS: Dropdown Nav Menus
CSS: Removing Underline from Links
CSS: Rounded Corners tutorial
CSS: Shorthand Properties 1
CSS: Shorthand Properties 2
CSS: Shorthand Guide
CSS: Shorthand Tutorial by SitePoint
CSS: Writing Efficient CSS Shorthand
CSS: Simple Accessible External Links
CSS: Structure & Rules
CSS Tutorials (W3CSchools)
CSS 101: A Free Online Class
CSS Panic Guide
CSS ZenGarden Resources
CSS3 Cheat Sheet
Dreamweaver Support - Designing Page Layout
More Dreamweaver Tutorials
The DOCTYPE tag (
DOM: Document Object Model
Favorites Icons in IE
Points vs. Pixels - Font Sizing with CSS
Web Fonts: Anatomy of...
A Simple Order Form
Forums - Adding One to Your Site
Frames vs. Tables
Frames: Advantages vs. Disadvantages
HTML5 Beginners Guide
HTML5 periodical table
HTML - Common Attributes (LANG)
HTML Code-Generating Tools
HTML - Sending HTML Emails
HTML - 7 Tips for HTML Emails
HTML - HTML Emails Thru Outlook Express
HTML - Email Design Guidelines 2006
HTML Goodies
HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idiot
HTML Tutorials (W3CSchools)
HTML: Dr. HTML - Fixing Your Site
HTMLDog: Guides
JavaScript Tutorials (W3CSchools)
JavaScript: Back to Previous Page
JavaScript: BACK button or text link
JavaScript: Dynamic Dropdown Lists
JavaScript Code-Generating Tools
JavaScript: Print This Page
JavaScript: Goodies form button
Meta Tag -
Meta Tags - How to Use
Meta Tag Generator
SSL Encryption - VeriSign whitepaper
TABINDEX & Other Form Tricks - Make Your URLs Short
Validating Your Entire Site
W3C: XHTML Validator
W3C: CSS Validator
Great Web Design Tips
Web Design - Writing for the Internet
Web Design - 10 Easy Steps to a User Friendly Website
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Web Design Resources
Web Design: Resources & Links for Pros
Web Hosts: Comparisons
Web Page Design for designers
What's a Webmaster?
Writing a Proposal for a Web Site
Web Sites: How to Write an RFP
Word HTML Cleaner
WS_FTP for Tripod Users
XHTML: XHTML Reference
XHTML: Advantages (W3C)
XHTML: Benefits of...
XHTML Explained (

Web Accessibility/

Web Design & Usability Guidelines
Getting Started: Making Your Web Site Accessible
Accessibility: Designing for Screen Readers
Five Essential Elements of Designing a User-Friendly Web Site
Usability Principles and Techniques
Complete List of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools
Design and Layout: Accessibility
Accessible Web Design
The Behavior Layer
Basic Web Standards Workshop
Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
CSS: Simple Accessible External Links
Don't Make Me Think Excerpt
Examples of Accessible Sites
Is .PDF Accessible?
Primer on Accessibility (O'Reilly)
Six Steps to a Successful Usability Test
Spruced-up Site Maps
Tables Accessibility
Usability: Websites for Teenagers
Users Judge Web Sites in a Blink
Browser Information
WAI Site Usability Testing Questions
Vision Australia - Resources
Lynx Viewer

Plug-Ins & Trials

Adobe Downloads page
Acrobat Reader
Real Player
Windows Media Player Parameters
Windows Media Player - W3Schools

Sounds Digital Photography
Movie Sounds Central

MorgueFile Classroom
5 Tips for Buying Memory Cards
Discover Digital Imaging with Windows
Use Windows to Organize Your Digital Pictures
Email Your Digital Pictures
Photo Story 3 - Free!

Windows Miscellaneous

Capture Your Error Messages
CDs: Differences
CDs: How They Work
DVDs: Storage Capacities
Disk Cleanup in Windows XP
Defragment Your Hard Disk
Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware
PC Pitstop
Task List Programs
Powertoys for Windows XP
Wallpapers for your Desktop
Windows Security Center
Windows XP Tips
Windows XP Tips - microsoft site
Joe's Windows Tips
20 Useful Windows Tips
Windows XP Tutorial
How to Print Folder Contents (for the brave)

10-Key Tutor (Keyboarding Numbers)
Computer Companion
Balloon Blaster Keyboarding Game
Breakout Game - Mouse Clicking
Cheapest Gas Near You
Electronic Greeting Cards
Email Addresses: How do Spammers Harvest Them?
Free Book Zone
Free Keyboarding Software List
Free Online Typing Test
Free Online Courses from HP

Free Typing Test - Another one...
Geography Network
Great Bumper Stickers!
How to Get Free Computer Help
Kelley Blue Book
Keyboarding (Short) Test -
The Free Site - Broadway
Tutorials for Everything!
Ugly Christmas Lights
Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse: Definitions
What to Do If You Are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

Programming for Web Sites Information Processing

ASP.NET: Accessing & Updating Data
Beginner's Guide to .ASP
CGI Programming 101
CGI Made Really Easy
E-Commerce Sites - Basic
How to Interact with Forms (PHP)
Perl & CGI Tutorials
Server Side Includes

2057 The City YouTube videos
Holographic Presentations
Holographic Projection - Setup Video
My First Computer
Computer History
Pirates of Silicon Valley (YouTube Videos)